Her Black Heart (The Dark Amulet #2) by A.J. Norris

31197620***I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review, from Lovers of Paranormal and the author.***

This is the story of Julia Dunham who received an amulet tainted by Abbadon and Guardian Angel Ra’zael(formerly demon goat Aza’zel). Julia hasn’t had much of a life since she first met Aza’zel when she was a child, but she believes that the amulet is her good luck charm and has kept her out of trouble this whole time.

Aza’zel’s memories come back and he turns to Elliot and Amayla to return his wings to him, Deus tasked him to save Julia and destroy the amulet.

I loved this book, and I would have to say that A J Norris has done a brilliant job in bringing these characters out with their journey to save each other from returning to Netherworld.
I can’t wait for the next book in the Dark Amulet series by A J Norris.

Her Black Heart (The Dark Amulet #2)


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