#REVIEW: Feudlings (Fate on Fire #1) by Wendy Knight


This book was received via the Author in exchange for an honest review

Can she be an assassin, a college student or both, can she have a normal life with friends and find love ❤️ or will she always be the one everyone is afraid they will be the next on the hitlist.

We can find this out in “Feudlings”, by Wendy Knight.

Arianna or Ari is the prodigy for the Edren, sent out to terminate the Carules . No one knows who she is as she wears a hood and a shrouding spell around her.  They are on the hunt to kill the Carules prodigy.

We see Ari’s journey through friendship with Charity and Hunter and her growing love for Shane.

Unbeknownst to her they are Carules themselves and Shane is the Carule Prodigy and to stop the war between the Edren and Carules one or both of the Prodigy’s must be killed but only a Prodigy can kill a Prodigy.

This group of teenagers friendship grows that when they do find out they cannot do what is expected of them by their council leaders.

Wendy Knight really brought the characters out in this one through friendship and betrayal but they still stick together through the thick of it.

Looking forward to the next installment in the “Fate on Fire Series” by Wendy Knight “Feudlings in Flames”

Feudlings (Fate on Fire #1)



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