October 2016 Wrapup

I joined this blog from October 2016 just to put up my book reviews and so far I have had so much fun posting.

October 2016 Posts:-

  • Several book reviews have been posted and it was really good to get back into reading and get to know some of the authors.
  • I posted my photo of Halloween decorations. I put one into #LynsaysVeryScaryGiveaway, unfortunately I didn’t win this one but heyho, Lynsay is one of my favourite authors and it was just so fun to post this.
  • I also posted my photo of halloween decorations to #HalloweenWithChristineFeehan , Christine Feehan is another one of my favourite authors and WOW I won, I was so suprised I was speechless.  The giveaway is on it’s way to me and I will do an unboxing in a later post.
  • This was also the month that I purchased my funko pops, I absolutely love them, you’ll most likely see them in future posts.


October Book Reviews 2016:-

Currently Reading:-


Feudlings in Flames

by Wendy Knight 

Netgalley Books to Read and Review:-



A Year and a Day
Isabelle Broom  – Reviewed




The Ghost Cop
Damon Norko




Feast of the Epiphany
Kathryn M. Hearst




Forever Charmed
Dawn Chartier




Burned By Her Devotion
Melinda Leigh




Death and Her Devotion
Kendra Elliot

Author ARC Books to Read and Review:-


Feudlings in Flames (Fate on Fire #2)

by Wendy Knight

Goodreads ARC Books to Read and Review:-


A Bond Of Venom and Magic (The Goddess and the Guardians #1)

by Karen Tomlinson

Due Date: 13th December 2016

Facebook Author Groups:-

Wendy’s Warriors

Ellis’ Elite


Jennifer Malone Wright Official Fan Club

Hearts Through Time

Awesome Reading Marathoners

Jodi Vaughn author Fan Club

KC Klein’s Rock Star Fan Group

Mina Carter’s Coffee & Kink

Drake Sister’s/ Sisters of the heart Fan Page Cf

Christine Feehan

Catherine Vale New Releases

Lia Davis Fan Club

Sherry’s Timeless Maidens

Historical & Time Slip Novels Book Club.

Michelle Fox New Releases

Rachel’s Readers (Rachel E. Carter Fan Group & Book Club)

All Books by Elizabeth Hunter

Goodreads Groups:-

Lovers of Paranormal 
Closet Geek Book Group
My Vampire Book Obsession
Rachel E. Carter YA Book Club
YA Story Sisters Book Club
I Love Vampire Novels
The Reading Cafe
FictFact Users
The Grishaverse
Readers That Love Giveaways, Ebook Deals, and Free Books!

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