#REVIEW: The Siren (The Soul Summoner #2) by Elicia Hyder

We are back in the 2nd book of “The Soul Summoner” series with the love triangle between Sloan, Warren and Nathan.
They are looking for a woman who they believe could be the same as them as she was reported missing some years ago but had recently been seen on camera alive and well. Only problem is that Sloan and Warren look at her but see no soul that is why they thought she was dead.

This is a journey to discover who they are and they believe this Rachel Smith has the answers, but what they find is more than they believed possible.
Elicia Hyder keeps you gripped to your seat with these characters and how the love triangle between them plays out.
I can’t wait to read the next instalment “The Angel of Death” by Elicia Hyder

The Siren (The Soul Summoner #2)

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