#Bookblogvember – Wrap-Up [30-11-2016]


This is a book blog challenge hosted by Jade @bedtimebkwork  during the month of November,  clear guidelines have been set out by Jade @bedtimebkwork on this challenge for inspiration and creative content.

The Guidelines are as follows:-

Write enough in the month of November to create 30 blog posts.

What this might mean to you:

  • Post on your blog every day in November
    • maybe you write every day
    • or maybe you just write on the weekends!
  • Write a blog post every day
    • but don’t necessarily post one every day
  • If you’re really behind on book reviews (like Jade), try to write one book review a day
    • if you don’t have a blog, this could work on any reviewing platform

Book Blogvember is meant to be very flexible and can be used as a motivation tool to get done what is needed for the month of November.  Post should ideally be about book blogging or book reviews, but if you want to slip some other types of posts in, it is always welcome. This is your blog to do with what you want.

 Tracey’s plans for #Bookblogvember for month of November

  • Write rough drafts of 30 blog posts over the month of November  – I want to create book reviews, discussions and maybe a newsletter include some funny content too.

Well this didn’t happen, I only managed to get 26 posts done through out November, but I do have some scheduled posts that will be in December dates – watch this space

  • I will be posting twice a week in the hope of engaging more followers.

It felt like I was on this everyday, but I did do about 3-4 posts a week. These were some meme’s I had joined and book reviews. And I now have 26 followers.

  • Create a schedule buffer – this would be a great stress reliever to keep on top of all posts, having them drafted and scheduled to go in advance would improve my blogging experience.

This actually did help alot, my posts were scheduled to a set day to publish and I even managed to keep on top of my Instagram challenge too.

So to Wrap-up

Month of December will be better, I have now set my calender to alert me when I need to do a post or upload a link to the host meme site. I have a few more meme’s  that I may join and will post so check out my blog for future posts.

So lets see how everyone else has done via the Twitter Chat on Friday 2nd December. Looking forward to hearing all of your experiences on this Bookblogvember Journey.

Come join in the Twitter Chat that Jade @bedtimebkwork is hosting

To go along with hosting my first ever challenge, I’m going to host my first ever Twitter chat! Join me on Friday December 2nd at 6PM PST (which is 9PM EST) and we will chat about your Book Blogvember journey. There will also be a giveaway at the end of the Twitter chat. I will choose one person to win a signed copy of Wink, Poppy, Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke. I’ll select the winner from tweets using the hashtag #bookblogvember. Go ahead and use this hashtag all month on Twitter – more tweets equal more entries in the giveaway (even if you can’t attend the chat!).

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