This was the best tour ever, our show was suppose to be at 5.30pm on Sunday 04/12/2016, we got there quite a bit early as we thought traffic might be horrendous, as you go in your bags are checked and you are wand scanned. Then the first thing you see is the massive christmas tree and all the posters on the wall of all the Harry Potter Characters. Heading to the left is a cafe and Starbucks, this just started our day off. Then because we were early we went and had a look in the shop, OMG there was so much too choose from, mugs, wands, jackets, t-shirts etc. While we were in there we heard over the tannoy that we could check in to the earlier tour, that was amazing. I handed our tickets over to be scanned, (we got to keep them LOL) then the start of the tour started. The amazing props, construction, costumes all from the actual films.

When I logged into the Pottermore website I was given the House Ravenclaw, but every house was so amazing I couldn’t believe it.

If I could give more that 5 stars I would and I would recommend this tour to anyone and I would really like to go again it was that good.

Beautiful Hogwarts #wbtourlondon

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