#REVIEW: Heartblaze 1: Vampire Soul (Heartblaze #1) by Shay Roberts


This is the story of Emma Rue, a college freshman who finds herself on the run from forces beyond her control.

Emma ran when she suddenly attacked her professor with no knowledge of why she did it.  She keeps having visions of another life, as Cassandra with her soulmate Julian.

We see Emma’s journey, with finding Julian (a vampire by the way) not what she thought from her visions of them together in a past life.  Then there is her college friend Stefan Hildebrand (Oh, he’s a werewolf) but he is undercover as he has been ordered to kill Emma, but he believes her to be an innocent.
This was an interesting read by Shay Roberts, but the flipping between characters was exhausting to try and keep up with of who’s who. Especially in the beginning with Cynthia’s paragraph, I didn’t understand who she was to them until later on.
Heartblaze 1: Vampire Soul (Heartblaze #1) by Shay Roberts

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3 thoughts on “#REVIEW: Heartblaze 1: Vampire Soul (Heartblaze #1) by Shay Roberts

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