#REVIEW: The Accidental Stranger (#2) by C.J. Fosdick


The Accidental Stranger (#2) by C.J. Fosdick

Version: Kindle Edition

293 pages | Pub Date: 6 Jan 2017 | The Wild Rose Press, Inc


Modern, smart and sassy, Jessica Brewster has been transformed after a summer of time-travel back to 1886. Life in her great great grandmother’s shoes has taught her the value of living simple and loving deeply. With her son, conceived then, born in her own time, she is a single mother living in a new home on the remote Wyoming site of her ancestor’s 1886 cabin.
When things go missing, she concludes she is being watched, and shoots the stalker, mistaking him for a bear. No mistake when she sees his green eyes, however. Can it be Mitch–her son’s 1886 father–the only man she ever loved?
Saving his life is easier than proving his identity. His memory loss curries doubt and mystery. Is he truly the man she remembers…or a stranger in her arms?

Goodreads Shelf – C J Fosdick


This book was received via the author in exchange for an honest review

This is the story of Jessica Brewster, mother of her son Scout, whose father was Mitch, only thing is he is back in 1886 and Jessica has returned to her present day. Living alone in a cabin with her son, she has visits from Her brother Jake and his girlfriend. But something isn’t right, things keep going missing, the pie she made for dinner, which is her brothers favourite and various other things, but she can’t think what has happened to them.

She decides to get a chicken coop built in the garage and the contractor that comes is a friendly old man with his two sons and a dog, Scout latches on to the dog and they go off and play but when they get to near to the water, something or some one goes near them. Jess is scared and shoots the man thinking he is a bear as he is wearing a bearskin round him. But what she see’s is a very familiar man with bright green eyes.  Could Mitch have finally found a way through to her time to be with her.

I really enjoyed this story line, it had the feel of one of those old western movies when the woman saves the man and brings him into her home to care for him, a real romance, but they can also have their ups and downs.

This was a great read by C J Fosdick and look forward to the next installment.





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5 thoughts on “#REVIEW: The Accidental Stranger (#2) by C.J. Fosdick

  1. Thanks Tracy for the nice review. I visualize my books also–like movies. The next one is set mostly in Ireland–past and present– with most of the characters from The Accidental Stranger. There was a blurb at the end of TAS about book # 3 in the series and it involves an actual Irish scandal that was perpetrated for 150 years–against “fallen” women. CJ

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