#REVIEW : Heartblaze 2: Vampire Rising (Heartblaze #2) by Shay Roberts – @ShayWrites4U


Heartblaze 2: Vampire Rising (Heartblaze #2)

by Shay Roberts

Version: Kindle Edition

272 pages | Pub Date: 30 June 2016 | Snowfire Press; 2 edition


Someone you’ve loved for centuries suddenly disappears, utterly erased from history. No one but you has any memory of this beautiful person. No one but you is grieving. And no one but you can repair this devastating hole in the fabric of reality.

EMMA RUE is in the fight of her life, struggling to find her beloved soulmate, a vampire who has disappeared from everyone’s memories but her own. Her quest is complicated by an unexpected transformation in her body, as well as the intervention of her powerful nemesis…

ROWAN OF WILDWOOD, the Empress of Witches. Rowan has a madly ambitious plan to reshape the world with her shadow magic, and only Emma is standing in her way. But getting to Emma won’t be easy. Emma has loyal and vigilant friends, not the least of whom is…

STEFAN HILDEBRAND, a werewolf now dying from a shotgun wound. Desperate to protect Emma, he’ll do anything to claw his way back to life. But does that include making a devil’s bargain with an entity called The Trickster?

Join Emma as she embarks on an epic quest that takes her from the shadow world of vampires into Tudor-era England, and across the otherworldly realm of souls.

Goodreads Bookshelf – Shay Roberts


This is the story of Emma Rue, she had finally found Lucien in a tomb, and on waking him he required blood to gain his energy, on doing this Lucien had changed Emma forever, she is now becoming a transcendent, but their enemy Angelo finds them and using he Sindum Dagger he stabs Lucien. Now everyone but Emma has memories of Lucien as he now does not exist but his soul still survives. Emma is now on a mission to save him and bring him back, he is her soulmate.

Stephan Hildebrand is Emma’s friend and he is a werewolf, but when he gets shot something changes in him, he does not feel his wolf anymore but he does seem to have other gifts, can he help Emma on her mission without his wolf or should he use these new gifts that could have come from evil.

Rowan the witch is also on a mission and she is on the hunt for Emma and her dagger, she must have them for reasons of her own, one gift she does have is necromancy and Emma believes that she can bring Lucien back.

This is the second instalment of Shay Roberts “Heartblaze” series. I found it very interesting but sometimes confusing when it stopped on a cliffhanger from one character chapter and goes straight into another character chapter.





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