#UNBOXING – #Fairyloot Mystery & Mischief – JANUARY 2017 – @FairyLoot

Every month my sister Shelley and I become excited little bunnies, as soon as the email notification hits my mailbox we’re on countdown. 

What will this month’s box include? Will I love it? Will we have to come to fisticuffs to decide who gets what? Fairyloot and co. never disappoint.

For a reasonable price of £32.95 UK delivery (a little cheaper if you have a discount code) It’s one of the best value for money book subscriptions that are UK based.

Let’s not keep you waiting here’s the goodie for this month….

Funko Mystery Mini – Harry Potter Ginger Cat (this is Shelley’s patronus) 

Exclusive Night Circus Pillow Case designed by Risa Rodil based on a quote from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

It’s absolutely gorgeous and I’ve been wanted one for ages.

Exclusive Come Back Yesterday Candle by Heather at Meraki Candles

Another gem of a candle from Heather! How does she do it?

How To Think Like Sherlock by Daniel Smith

Hadn’t heard about this book but looks like an extremely good read….

Exclusive Rose Necklace designed by Oh Panda Eyes

Gorgeous rose and lock necklace is a perfect match for the main event! Have you guessed it yet from the clues??

Exclusive Alice in Wonderland Bookmark designed by Read At Midnight

Beautifully crafted and pretty on both sides. 

We’re Mad Here

Caraval by Stephanie Garber including signed bookplate, author letter, bookmark and postcard.

And the main event it Caraval! An intriguing read watch out for CGBG review coming soon! 

Remember it’s only a game Caraval

Bonus Items: Alchemists of Loom bookmark, Passenger notebook and Jackaby free chapter download code postcard.

I haven’t heard of this series before but as the spoiler says it’s Sherlock Holmes with Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Sounds like my kinda read.

The goodies together…

Every month Fairyloot surpasses our expectations on what a book subscription should be. If you haven’t already purchased a box my only question to you would be why not?


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