#REVIEW : Her Black Soul (The Dark Amulet #3) by A. J. Norris @AJNorris_Author


Her Black Soul (The Dark Amulet #3) by A. J. Norris

Version: Kindle Edition

346 pages | Pub Date: 11 April 2017 | Limitless Publishing LLC

Humans call it Hell. She calls it home…

Evita the Warrior has no memory of the life she led as an angel before her fall. The only place she knows is the fiery world full of goat-demons and animal-headed beasts. Despite many opportunities to flee, she chooses to remain.

Virgil the Redeemer lost his mate centuries ago and has given up all hope of finding her…

Accepting that Evita will never return to him, Virgil eases his loneliness in the arms of different females, refusing to get attached, though his selfish ways leave a trail of heartbroken and angry lovers in his wake. During a night of drinking, Virgil hooks up with a demon in disguise and is captured by the Demon Ruler, Abaddon, and taken to Netherworld.

Trapped in Netherworld, Virgil faces an eternity of unendurable torment…

But it’s there Virgil finds his lost love. Overcome by joy at the reunion, he convinces her to leave Netherworld…only to discover the true reason Abaddon lured him to his realm.

Evita has a secret buried in her forgotten past…a secret the Demon Ruler could use to lay waste to the Earth…

Abaddon knows Evita hid an amulet on Earth before she fell—and he wants it back. To thwart him, Evita must recapture her memories of her life before her fall, and remember where she hid the amulet.

Can she unlock her past and beat the enemy to the prize in time to save the Earthly Realm from falling prey to Abaddon’s deadly plans?


This book was received in exchange for an honest review

This is the story of Evita the Warrior Angel who had been captured by Abbadon and taken down to Netherworld, which for an Angel turns their wings to horns.

She had been down there for more than two centuries and was unable to remember anything of her life before, until Virgil The Redeemer Angel is tricked after having a binge night on drink and ends up captured by Abbadon and taken down to Netherworld.

But it seems that Abaddon may have plans for both Virgil and Evita as now that he has found his lost love, they must escape Netherworld together and restart their lives together. But Evita finds it a struggle, but as her memories start coming back she discovers that the amulet holds more and she must get it back to stop Abaddon.

This was another great story by A J Norris in the Amulet Series and I can’t wait to read what will be in her next instalment.


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