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A Girl Named Blue: The Adventure Begins
Cecilia Randell
(The Adventures of Blue Faust #1)
Publication date: July 15th 2017
Genres: Adventure, New Adult, Romance, Science Fiction, Young Adult

Blue Faust considers herself an ordinary girl. A little shy, maybe, and a smidge isolated. But she’s got a plan for that, and a list.

When she and her mother move to a new city, she implements it. This will be The Year of New Things, and there will be adventures. Little does she know just how right she is.

While out hiking one day with new friends, she finds herself in a strange world. She is confronted with kidnappers, stubborn beast-mounts and killer crystals. Throw in an assortment of hooligans, mercenaries and clansmen, and Blue has all New she can handle.

New List:

Learn to ride a horse-like thing

Find friends

Stop kidnappers

Get home

Easy, right?

*** Please note that this is the first book in a slow burn reverse harem series, there are no sexy times till a few books down***

**Also, there is violence and some swearing, so, yeah.**

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The next morning Blue awoke to the sound of the camp being taken down around her. She hurried to get ready. By the time she emerged, hers was the only tent left. Mo’ata had to have deliberately let her sleep longer. She hurried off to relieve herself. When she returned to the camp, her tent was already broken down and on one of the pack animals. She took another minute to use the small brush and container of paste Ja’na had given her, cleaning her teeth and mouth of morning breath, and using the small comb in her pack to get a little more presentable. She hadn’t really been thinking of her appearance at all the last few days, but they were entering the city today and needed to be somewhat groomed. A small part of her also wondered what Mo’ata thought, but she pushed it aside. No crush was going to distract her from her mission now. Last night really had cleared her mind. She still had those things to resolve, but they no longer seemed so immediate.

Done with her ablutions, she saw that all the quorin had been saddled. Blue hurried over to Beast, and before she could ask, Mo’ata was there to help her mount. She nodded in thanks, and he squeezed her side. They spoke not a word, but a whole conversation had taken place. The riders set out in silence, all seemingly lost in their own thoughts.

It was an hour into the ride when Forrest rode up to her side. For some reason, Beast never objected to his presence like he did Jason’s. “What was that all about?” he asked.

“What do you mean?”

“Between you and Mo’ata, when he helped you mount.”

“Oh,” was all she could think to say, blushing.

“Do you like him?”

Something in the tone of his voice caused Blue to look over at him. She wasn’t sure what that tone meant, but it put her on alert. Forrest wasn’t looking at her, was facing straight ahead, his jaw tight. “Forrest?” she asked, her tone cautious.

He sighed. “I’m sorry. I saw the way you two looked at each other this morning, and I don’t want to see you hurt. I mean, we have to go home.”

“I know.”

“I’m sorry,” he said again, this time not for anything he’d done but for the circumstances. He still hadn’t looked at her.

“Forrest, look at me.” Blue waited until he turned to her. “I know. I honestly don’t expect anything. We’re from different worlds, different cultures. Hell, I’m not even eighteen yet, and he is obviously older.” It came out more harshly than she had intended.

“I really am sorry,” Forrest said again, realizing he had overstepped.

“No, it’s my turn to apologize. I shouldn’t have snapped.” She wanted to lighten the mood, bring back her happy Forrest. “Want to hear something I found out about those clan guys while we were there?”


“Apparently they have a polyandrous societal structure.”


“I mean, their family units? It’s like one woman and multiple men. Really, I’m just mourning the fact that I have to go home and can’t stay here and set up my own harem.”

Forrest laughed at that, a full out, throw-your-head-back kind of laugh. Trailing off, he said, “If any girl could do it, it would be you, Blue. Little Blue, who all the men adore.”

“Oh, shut up. I was just joking, trying to lighten the mood.”

“Oh, you succeeded. All I can think of now is a little blue-haired pixie leading around a trail of men following behind her like ducklings after their mama.” He started to pull ahead of her, going up to ride with Derrick. Looking back, he called out, “And I’m leading the pack, little pixie!”

“Shut up!” she cried after him, shaking her head. She was pretty sure she was never going to live that one down. The grin didn’t leave her face for a full ten minutes.



Author Bio:

Cecilia Randell is the pseudonym for a lady author that has not quite worked up the courage to give you all her real name. She loves a good story, and often finds herself thinking “what if…”, so decided to put some of her ‘what ifs’ down in words for others to, hopefully, enjoy.

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