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Book Details:

Book Title: Death Logs Out by E.J. Simon

Series: Michael Nicholas Book 3

Category: Adult Fiction, 300 pages

Genre: Thriller & Suspense., Technothriller

Publisher: Endeavour Media (UK)

Release date: July 27, 2018

Tour dates: Aug 13 to Oct 12, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13 + M (Includes some f-words, religious profanities (such as “God dmn”, “Jesus Christ!” and other terms such as “sshole”, “fck”, “sht”) non-explicit sex scenes (no description of the sex act or private body parts), and violence. Deals with mature themes such as adultery, murder, church abuses.)

Book Description:

Is Alex Nicholas really dead?

Two years since the brutal shooting of Alex Nicholas, a gambling underworld boss in Queens, NYC. But his brother, Michael, a respected CEO, struggles with a secret: his murdered brother has been communicating with him via his laptop using AI. This AI-Alex can foresee dangers in Michael’s path, and appears to be trying to help him – even controlling machinery and electronics via WiFi. Meanwhile, trouble is stirring in the historic capital cities of Rome, Berlin and Paris. Inside the Vatican, Monsignor Kurt Schlegelberger has designs to build his power and prepare for the sudden ascension of the Free Forces Party, a throw-back to the Nazis.

Schlegelberger will stop at nothing, but first he must deal with a new threat: someone appears to know the true story behind a series of murders in the US, committed by clergy to cover their tracks of child abuse within the Church. Alex’s re-appearance puts Schlegelberger’s plans in jeopardy. Dead or alive, the way to finish off Alex for good can only be to get to his close family, namely his brother Michael…

This fast-paced third instalment of E.J. Simon’s Death series will keep readers guessing to the very end.

Praise for E.J. Simon

‘A fine technological thriller that only gets better as it goes along.’ – KIRKUS REVIEW
To read reviews, please visit E.J. Simon’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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GUEST POST: E. J. Simon, author of Death Never Sleeps, Death Logs In and, just released, Death Logs Out.


Travel and Dining Within a Thriller Novel

 All three of my novels take place in interesting and exciting venues: Paris, Rome, Florence, Saint Tropez, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Manhattan, and even the gritty borough of Queens, New York. And within those places or venues, the characters are often found to be having dinner.

The restaurants are all very good ones – some very famous like 21, Grenouille and Le Bernardin, some not so famous, Mario’s, until recently in Westport, CT, or my favorites in Paris, Voltaire and Chez Dumonet, or an impossible one to get into, Rao’s in Harlem. I know they’re all excellent because I’ve eaten in all of them! Usually, I’ve had the actual meal that the character is eating in the book.

In one instance, in Death Never Sleeps, I changed the name of the restaurant since it no longer exists and I had a brutal murder take place there.

I’m often asked, why does the book take the reader to so many places and into so many restaurants?

First of all, the plot naturally takes us there. If it’s a city or a town, it happens to be where the story occurs, where the characters naturally inhabit or go to, or flee to. Since the plots often involve the Vatican, it’s Rome and Florence. For neo-Nazis, it’s Berlin, the ultimate Museum of Terror. But interesting places also provides the opportunity for a playful – or, at least interesting diversion, a chance to tour while, hopefully, being entertained. Being in Paris, for example, often adds more texture to the story, taking us away from our routines, our normal places.

As to the many dinners, it’s where people talk. The dinner table, whether at home or in a restaurant, is where, from the time we were children, that we learn about life, watching adults, or our parents interact. Even as adults, it’s so often where we hear about and discuss so many important events – weddings, divorces, illnesses, deaths, births. We may – or may not – remember the meal, the food, but we remember the conversation, the setting where so often we hear about life-altering events. It’s the perfect setting to not only build up our appetites, satisfy our urge to indulge in restaurants we may never get to try – and to discover the truths about characters, especially once the wine gets flowing.

Book Details:

Book Title: Death Logs In by E.J. Simon

Series: Michael Nicholas Book 2

Category: Adult Fiction, 340 pages

Genre: Thriller & Suspense., Technothriller

Publisher: Endeavour Media (UK)

Release date: Dec 14, 2017

Tour dates: Aug 13 to Oct 12, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13 + M (contains f-words, religious expletives and crude language)

Book Description:

Some of the most powerful people in the world want to kill Michael Nicholas. Only his brother Alex can save him—the problem is that Alex is dead.

It’s been almost a year since Alex Nicholas, a Queens-based underworld boss, was gunned down. After Alex’s brutal murder, Michael inherited not only his brother’s business, but his enemies. Michael is now a key player in a world he once feared. By day, he is the head of a Fortune 500 company. By night, the CEO of Tartarus, one of the world’s largest illegal gambling operations.

Before his death, Alex invested heavily in breakthrough artificial intelligence software so that he could live forever. It worked. In his virtual form, Alex can communicate with Michael and monitor information—and people—in ways the NSA would envy.

It is Alex who discovers Michael’s life is in danger. He detects plots that reach from the darkest corners of Queens to the highest officials in the Vatican—and they all want Michael dead.

Michael is now in a race to save his life, but he is never alone. Alex is there to help him navigate through this maze of life and death. Also protecting Michael from the forces closing in around him is Sindy Steele, a beautiful and lethal bodyguard.

How far is Michael willing to go to save his own life and that of his family? Guided only by a familiar face on a computer screen, will the information Alex discovers allow Michael to go from being the hunted to the hunter?

To read reviews, please visit E.J. Simon’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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Book Details:

Book Title: Death Never Sleeps by E.J. Simon

Series: Michael Nicholas Book 1

Category: Adult Fiction, 291 pages

Genre: Thriller & Suspense., Technothriller

Publisher: Endeavour Media (UK)

Release date: July 2017

Tour dates: Aug 13 to Oct 12, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13 + M (contains f-words, religious profanities and crude language)

Book Description:

Where does life end, and death begin?

Brothers, Alex and Michael, weren’t particularly close in terms of their careers in their later years. But when Alex is murdered, Michael finds it necessary to keep Alex’s business running, at least for the foreseeable future.

With very little knowledge about what Alex actually did for a living, little does he envisage the level of complication this entails. Working closely with his cousins, Fat and Skinny Lester, Michael starts to get a sense of what needs doing … in whatever way Alex would have dealt with things.

But, when Alex’s current wife, and his two ex-wives, surface and start to dish out demands, Michael finds himself going deeper and deeper into Alex’s personal space. All his ex-wives knew there was money left hidden … but only Alex knew of its exact location.

When Russell, an old friend of Michael’s, and Alex’s most trusted person, offers to help Michael find the money, Michael feels he can start closing up on Alex’s loose ends and move on with his own, increasingly complicated life.

Until … Russell is brutally murdered …

Someone else is after Alex’s money … and it’s not a friendly person.

But is Alex really dead? Or is he as dead as he has prepared himself to be?

Michael is beyond confused … is he imaging the conversations he’s having with Alex? But Alex was shot dead in his own restaurant, one filled with policemen. Surely, Alex is dead?

Whichever way Michael tries to rationalize things in his head, Alex’s support is beyond what he needs. Finding himself face to face with a crook, Sharkey, one who has no qualms about killing people, one Alex was in debt to, Michael takes on Alex’s advice … dead or not!

As the number of deaths rise, Michael and his wife, Samantha, are left on their toes. Would they ever feel safe again? Is anyone safe? And how far did Alex go with his new venture?

To read reviews, please visit E.J. Simon’s page on iRead Book Tours.

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Meet the Author:




E. J. Simon is the author of three commercial fiction thrillers, Death Never Sleeps, Death Logs In and Death Logs Out. He has just completed his fourth manuscript, Death in the Cloud.

He is a member of the Authors Guild, the Mystery Writers of America and the North Carolina Writer’s Network. He holds an M.A. in Corporate & Political Communications from Fairfield University and a B.A. in Journalism from the University of South Carolina. He lives with his family in Cary, North Carolina in the United States. For more information, visit his website: http://www.ejsimon.com.

Connect with E.J.: Website ~ Facebook ~ Twitter ~ Instagram

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