I do accept requests to review books, preferably a mobi version. Sending me a copy does not guarantee a positive review or review at all, with my TBR pile growing by the day, it is best to get your book to me as soon as you can so that I can have it on my list. The genres I read are the following:


  • Action and Adventure
  • Romance
  • Contemporary Romance
  • Cozy Mysteries
  • Romantic Suspence/Thrillers
  • Paranormal Romance
  • YA Fantasy
  • Mystery
  • Fantasy
  • Time-Travel Romance


Disclaimer: I will make every effort to review this book by the deadline given, but I cannot guarantee this. Please send any requests through at least a month before the requested review date.

You are free to send me an email at  {I will not be accepting any review requests at this time}

I will update this as soon as review time becomes available.